Custom Installation

custom metal fabrication.

Building a new home? Look no further than Alpine Aire.

Each heating and cooling system installed by Alpine Aire is custom designed to meet the needs of your home. A professional "Heat Loss/Gain" calculation is performed to properly size the air handler and heat pump required for your home. This will ensure that your home remains comfortable year round.

We fabricate custom duct work at our sheet metal shop in Wenatchee, WA.

Duct work that is improperly sized, or poorly installed, will not allow air to properly flow throughout your home. This creates problems like stagnant air, and temperature imbalance.

Performance is our passion- we work hard to design and build systems that promote even air flow, low velocity sound, and even temperatures ... in a word, comfort. Our duct work is custom built at our sheet metal shop right here in Wenatchee, WA. You will NEVER find Alpine Aire throwing a "flex party".

Radiant, Heat Recovery Systems, and Duct-free splits? We do that too.

Alpine Aire also prides itself in specialized heating and cooling systems. If radiant in-floor heating, or another ductless system, sparks your interest, our team of service technicians are qualified to install a range of heating and cooling alternatives.

If you want to heat or cool different parts of the house independently from each other, make sure to ask about our zoning options.

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